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How does NOES work?

About UsPosted by Migladin Fri, May 13, 2016 08:58:07

NOES itself is not a business, it's a co-operative that has been set up, and is run by, small UK online retailers with the aim of finding ways for small shops to work together to promote themselves.

We are a not affiliated to any marketing companies or agencies. Our campaign is based on joint effort, the idea is for small shops to re-tweet each other in order to reach as many people as possible.

It is run by a 'Core Team' of people, which includes the people who originally came up with the idea of the group.

It does not cost money to join, we just ask people to take an active part in the campaign.

If you would like to take part please use #eshopsUK in your tweets and retweet others that use the hash tag, members of the campaign and the NOES twitter accounts will do the same for you.

Once a shop has been actively taking part for about a month they can ask to be added to the Online High St and we ask them to add the High St badge to their homepage.

#eshopsuk #eshopsukhour - The hashtags............

The #eshopsuk hashtag is intended for small businesses to retweet for other small businesses in the UK. The idea is that a group of traders work together and focus on retweeting for each other, to extend the reach that they have on twitter, by reaching the followers of other members of the group.

If you are looking for someone to tweet or retweet on your behalf, without becoming involved yourself, then this isn’t for you, there are many services that offer this, such as Bizitalk.com, the Round Team, Sweetertweet etc.

If you would prefer to be active rather than paying for a service then this may be for you..........

Why have the tags at all?

The tags help us find your tweets. Put #eshopsuk into the search bar, and you can see who is using the tag at any time*. If you are a member and forget to use the tags, the chances are we won't see you to retweet you, as individuals, or on the group accounts.

Again, if you want to come and chat in the #eshopsukHour on Fridays, then use that tag in your conversation. People 'attending' the hour will use the search bar to filter what they are receiving so they can see who is chatting on the Hour.

Of course, they also help you find tweets from other members and participants, so that you can retweet for them. Don't be shy about this, you will quickly find that if you retweet for people, many of them will retweet for you. This is what we are here for - spreading the ripples across the pond.

All of us. Working together.

* Twitter may filter results, and if you have their best match filter on, this may impact what you see. Occasionally also they hide people. We will deal with this in other posts.