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Happy Easter

Latest NewsPosted by Anne Evans Sun, March 27, 2016 17:26:02
Happy Easter everyone, don't forget, over on Twitter we are mostly talking #Dragons this week smiley

tables and chairs

Latest NewsPosted by Migladin Wed, November 11, 2015 14:38:26
Now then - someone offered me these, and I am much tempted. smiley

High Street Change

Latest NewsPosted by Migladin Wed, November 11, 2015 10:48:32
Just posting to say I am very excited about the changes to the High Street and the place on it for our New Central Cafe.

I have been looking at the chairs and tables we have been offered as a job lot and think they could do with sprucing up a bit? What do you think?


Just testing..

Latest NewsPosted by Anne Tue, November 10, 2015 17:32:10
..in latest news...

Our High St is undergoing a makeover, with great new shops and a new easy to navigate route, watch this space for more details..